Q1 2022 Recap

Written By Davit Asatryan (Administrator)

Updated at April 3rd, 2024

Here is a quick summary of the major updates released in the first quarter of 2022!

SpinOne for Salesforce

Spin Technology is introducing a new solution, SpinOne for Salesforce. With SpinOne for Salesforce, organizations can protect their sales pipeline from data loss or corruption by backing up all objects and classifications. The new solution includes many key features, including the ability to:

  • Backup all types of Salesforce queryable data and metadata
  • Recover a single data entry, object relations, or the entire organization
  • Compare and export changes that have been made to Salesforce data and metadata
  • Get visibility on changes to your Salesforce data to take timely action
  • Backup, compare, and recover data and metadata from your Sandbox
  • Enjoy faster backup, comparison, and recovery due to the unique use of 2 APIs
  • 99.9% SLA for data recovery along with secure AES-256 Encryption
  • Set up API Limitations for Salesforce by Admins

Get started with your 15 day Free Trial and check out our Knowledge Base to learn more about the available functionality!

Apps Risk Assessment Introduced to SpinOne for Office 365

O365 admins can now easily view a list of all applications that have access to their mission critical SaaS data with insights and remediation methods on possible incurred risks. SpinOne assesses over twenty different categories per application to outline possible Business, Security or Compliance risks an app can cause.

Learn more about how to get visibility into applications in your O365 environment, and create security policies to automate blocklisting/allowlisting, saving your SecOps team a tremendous amount of time!

Public API for SpinOne

By introducing our Public API, we are providing organizations with the ability to make API calls to SpinOne through external systems, gaining visibility on which entities are protected, and having the ability to change their status.

The following calls will be able to me made:

  • Get - get a list of all entities
  • Filter - filters the list of all entities detected
  • Update - changes the status of selected entities

Create as many integrations as necessary and simplify entity management for your organization! Learn more about Public API here.

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